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New "Flextime" EP, Live Transmission mega party at the Varsity on 11/29!!!

posted Nov 13, 2014, 12:02 PM by Vu Nguyen
Minneapolis’ most beloved noise pop organization
BNLX smashes an uncharacteristically lengthy period of silence with the new “Flextime” EP and an accompanying all-star release party organized with the legendary dance club Transmission.

The new EP (#9 in the BNLX EP series for those of you counting!) consists of four tracks:

  1. “Flextime” -  the EP kicks off with this epic, compulsively hummable title track about reclaiming life from the grasp of the daily grind.

  2. “This Is Love” -  a cover of the PJ Harvey song and a crowd favorite from recent BNLX live shows.

  3. “Til Death Do We Party (110 dbs)” - a sort of anti-anthem that tells a lurid (and humorous) tale of the bridging-and-tunneling of the band’s South Minneapolis neighborhood.

  4. “It Was the Light” - in the wake of the band’s highly enjoyable participation in the Drone Not Drones 28 hour drone event last winter, BNLX has been exploring drone/improv/spontaneous composition with glee and aplomb. “It Was the Light” is excerpted from a much longer live improvisational performance recorded by the band at Flowers Studio in October. This track, like the others on the EP, also marks the first recorded contributions of additional guitarist Jim McGuinn to the BNLX sound.

To celebrate the new EP, we’re throwing a massive Thanksgiving weekend party at the Varsity Theater on Saturday 11/29 in conjunction with our Transmission friends and a truly awesome collection of bands.


with live performances by:

The Ocean Blue 11:45

BNLX 10:45

Two Harbors 9:45

Frankie Teardrop 9:00

The Rope 8:15

Gloss 7:30

with DJ Jake Rudh spinning between sets and MC-ing throughout!

Saturday, November 29th

Varsity Theater, Minneapolis