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Loquat - Secrets of the Sea (10/14/08)

Secrets of the Sea
Release Date: 10/14/2008
Record Label: Talking House Records

Track Listing
  1. Harder Hit   
  2. Who Can Even Remember?   
  3. Sit Sideways   
  4. Big Key, Little Door   
  5. Comedown's Worse
  6. These Kinds Of Friends   
  7. Go Hibernate   
  8. Clearly Now
  9. In My Sleep       
  10. Shaky Like The Flu   
  11. Spiral Stairs Or Escalators   



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 10/15/2008 00:04:46  written by vu ()
Tour Dates
10/16/08 Live TV on KARE 11, Minneapolis, MN
10/16/08 The Cedar, Minneapolis, MN
10/17/08 The Hideout, Chicago, IL
10/18/08 Illini Union Courtyard Cafe, Champaign, IL
10/20/08 Gypsy Hut, Cincinnati, OH
10/21/08 Annabell's, Akron, OH
10/22/08 Red and the Black, Washington DC
10/23/08 The Fire, Philly, PA
10/24/08 Ace of Clubs (CMJ), NY
11/04/08 Bottom of the Hill, SF, CA
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I actually really love San Francisco's Loquat, so imagine my surprise to find that I have an adva...
Loquat, a band based out of San Francisco, are as sweet and delicious as the Chinese fruit that they are named after. Their brand new album, Secrets of the Sea, came out yesterday, October 14th.

Loquat - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

If you remember, the last time I mentioned Loquat, I was telling you that I discovered them through their wonderful Smiths cover, "There is a Light That Never Goes Out".

Singer Kylee confessed that she was quite hungover when they recorded the song:

Kylee Swenson wrote:
Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 1:41 PM

If you only knew how hungover I was when I sang that Smiths cover. Oh man, it hurt so bad. Thanks for the kind words, We Heart Music. See you guys October 16 when we play in Minneapolis, finally....

I don't know what the big deal is, but they really, really, want to play in Minneapolis! The weather here is getting a little chilly, I recommend a heavy sweater when going out at night.

The cool thing is that they will be appearing on KARE 11, our local station here. I'll have to find the listing hopefully try and tape it.

Anyroad, the album is still somewhat dreampop, with electronica. Swenson's vocals is still sugar sweet here. It's all good though, if you've ever liked female-fronted bands, Loquat should be right up your alley.

Loquat - Swingset Chain
Compared to their first album, It's Yours To Keep, the new album, Secrets of the Sea, sounds just a little more aggressive, but overall both album sounds pretty much has the same tone and music style.

Some of the strong tracks includes the first song, "Harder Hit". I'm glad to see that the band also love this song as it is also their promotional music video. The video is based, no, more like inspired, by the French film "Le Ballon Rouge" (The Red Balloon).

Other songs I thought was very strong: "Sit Sideways", which has a funky feel to it at the beginning, but the electronic and piano keys brings it back to a nice rhythmic beat. I mildly smiled at the line "I'm rubber and you are the glue" on "Clearly Now".

Also, check out "These Kinds Of Friends" too. Listen to the first few bars of the song - does it remind you of Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang"? Maybe it's just me.

Secrets of the Sea is out now on Talking House Records, where you can purchase the album directly for an even-steven $10. Look for them on the rest of the tour through the midwest and eventually at the monster that is CMJ (they take the stage at 11pm).


LOQUAT to Perform at San Francisco's Treasure Island Festival - September 20th

27 August 2008, 12:31PM CDT by vu (Vu Nguyen)

From Press Here

LOQUAT Launch Fall Tour with Performance at Treasure Island Festival

Loquat - Secrets of The Sea (10/14/08)

Loquat will join an all-star slate of bands performing at San Francisco’s Treasure Island Festival on September 20thThey will be sharing the spotlight with artists like CSS, Goldfrapp, TV on the Radio, Justice and Chester French.

And what about being selected to perform alongside such huge names?  “All the bands on the bill represent this philosophy of creating passionate music that comes from their talent and ideas rather than a slavish devotion to trend” says bassist Anthony Gordon. “To have Loquat recognized as being committed to our music in that way is so gratifying.”

Loquat approach the festival with still an even bigger sense of pride because the band are San Francisco natives.  “The city of San Francisco is not just our home, it’s like our family,” comments Gordon.  “We’re so honored to play Treasure Island this year but getting to perform with the city of San Francisco as our backdrop and play songs from our record [Secrets of the Sea] while we’re actually surrounded by the sea is another highlight,” adds lead singer Kylee Swenson. 

And both local and national press are in agreement: "Lots of bands mix electronic and acoustic instruments, but few pull it off with the grace - or even the shimmering melodies-exhibited by this San Francisco group fronted by Kylee Swenson." (San Francisco Chronicle) and "In a genre marred by overproduction and, sometimes, a lack of imagination, Loquat is not only wonderfully organic but refreshingly inventive” (Nylon).

The Treasure Island date kicks off a mini-tour for the band.  Beginning October 16 at The Cedar in Minneapolis Loquat will be making a cross-country trek to bring their fusion of electronic elements and organic songwriting to fans in the Midwest and on the East Coast.  Confirmed dates include:

Thursday, October 16 – Minneapolis, MN – the Cedar

Friday, October 17th – Chicago, IL – the Hideout

Monday, October 20th – Cincinnati, OH – the Gypsy Hut

Tuesday, October 21st – Pittsburgh, PA – Brillobox

Friday, October 24th – New York, NY – Ace of Clubs

For more from Loquat visit

Loquat is Kylee Swenson (vocals), Earl Otsuka (guitar), Anthony Gordon (bass), Christopher Lautz (drums/vocals), and Ryan Manley (keyboards).

Loquat releases Secrets of the Sea October 14th

28 July 2008, 2:17PM CDT by vu (Vu Nguyen)

From Press Here


Secrets of the Sea
(October 14th – Talking House Records)

 “Lots of bands mix electronic and acoustic instruments, but few pull it off with the grace—or even the shimmering melodies—exhibited by this San Francisco group fronted by Kylee Swenson.”

 —San Francisco Chronicle

Swenson’s voice soars like Sarah McLachlan, but her lyrics cut like Cat Power.” —URB


Loquat - Secrets of The Sea (10/14/08)

San Francisco band Loquat will release their new album, Secrets of the Sea, October 14th on Talking House Records.   Secrets of the Sea is the second full-length album from the organic-meets-electric Bay Area quintet and their first on the SF label imprint. 

Secrets of the Sea was created against the backdrop of two years of turbulence in the band’s life.  As each wave crashed on the shore and retreated back to sea, the album began to take shape.  “It was a time of real push and pull in our lives,” explains lead singer/guitarist, Kylee Swenson.  “Births, deaths, and a lot of intense things happened while we were recording this album.”  One such life-changing event was Swenson’s wedding to bassist Anthony Gordon.  “Sometimes I‘d hear Kylee singing some harsh lyrics and wonder, ‘Hey, wait a minute; this is about me!’” Gordon admits. “Although, part of the charm of her songs is that it’s easy for anyone to hear messages and think that they’re meant for them.”

But resist the urge to label the Secrets of the Sea a “relationship” album.  While many of the 11 tracks could detail tumultuous relationships, the prevailing theme on the disc is the anxiety one feels during times of uncertainty.   

Kylee and Anthony along with Christopher Lautz (drums/vocals), Earl Otsuka (guitar) and Ryan Manley (keyboards) worked with producers the Rondo Brothers (Dan the Automator, Prince Paul) to infuse Secrets of the Sea with a dreamy, sun-kissed vibe.  Justin Lieberman (New Order, The Matches) and Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson, Prince) were brought in for mixing and mastering, respectively.  Their contributions and a soon-to-be-released remix provided by Zion-I’s Amplive give Secrets of the Sea a romantic yet restless, plaintive yet aggressive tone, a la the Cardigans, The Sundays or Travis.

For more from Loquat visit or

Track listing as follows:
1. Harder Hit
2. Who Can Even Remember?
3. Sit Sideways
4. Big Key, Little Door
5. Comedown’s Worse
6. These Kinds of Friends
7. Go Hibernate
8. Clearly Now...
9. In My Sleep
10. Shaky Like the Flu
11. Spiral Stairs or Escalators