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Wounded Lion - Wounded Lion (2010)

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Wounded Lion
Wounded Lion 
Release Date:  2010

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The Lions Rampant - Lights On
The Lions Rampant
Tour Dates
03/20/10 Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN
03/24/10 91.3FM WYSO Yellow Springs, OH
03/26/10 Cafe Bourbon St Columbus, OH
03/27/10 South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH
03/29/10 Empty Bottle   Chicago, IL
04/03/10 CD Central Lexington, KY
04/03/10 Green Lantern, Lexington, KY
04/09/10 TRITONE Philadelphia, PA
04/16/10 Springwater Nashville, TN
04/17/10 Longbranch Saloon Knoxville, TN
04/23/10 Happy Dog Cleveland, OH
04/24/10 Matinee Akron, OH
05/01/10 3rd Street Dive Louisville, KY
05/01/10 Mayday Fest Cincinnati, OH
05/07/10 Summit Columbus, OH
05/15/10 Cycle Charlotte   Charlotte, NC
05/21/10 Quenchers Saloon Chicago, IL
05/29/10 Howlers Coyote  Pittsburgh, PA
07/14/10 Q102 Cincinnati, OH

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[Jul 2007] Half Women Half Alcohol

[Mar 2008] Play Rock N Roll
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The Lions Rampant
Kentucky’s Lions Rampant play the kind of rock ‘n roll that smells like sweat and whiskey—snarl-y...

Lara said that the Lions Rampant "smells like sweat and whiskey".

Judging from the single and video to "Lights On", it would seem that the band continues to walk that line of "nasty garage rock" and sex, and rock n roll, on their latest release, It's Fun To Do Bad Things via Deep Elm Records.

I'll give you this, the band is loud, but they can play their instruments. The songs off It's Fun To Do Bad Things has some great rock melodies, especially on such songs as "Leave Me Alone" and "It's Fun to do Bad Things".

Maybe I'm reading far too much into it, but I think most of their songs are about sex, love, and drugs. Take for instance, "Give Me" (follows by "someone to love") or "Lights On" (clearly doing it with the "darling with the lights on") or "It's Fun to do Bad Things", the title track says it all.

Throw in some drug songs for good measure, "Cocaine Anne" and "Cigs + Gin" and you've got a lifestyle of a rock n roll star (if you're not convinced, check out "All Night RNR", which is short for "all night rock and roll").

At least that's what I think of when I hear The Lions Rampant, re: sex & rock, however singer Stuart Mackenzie explains it all:

"On [It's Fun To Do] Bad Things, we wanted to expand our musical horizons and focus tighter on songwriting while still remaining true to our wild and free rock n roll / punk rock beginnings. The album is a celebration of figuring out love and pushing one's boundaries. It tells the story of a young romantic and his search for love, taking things to the limit, enjoying the nightlife, falling in and out of love. These songs are a 'diary' of sorts… definitely a coming of age for us. The album title is a tongue-in-cheek. Rock n' roll has always been about bad behavior as The Shangrilas once said. But we’re not what you would call ‘bad evil’ of course. The Lions Rampant us definitely 'good evil.' And that's what this record is all about…"

Sounds like an amazing rock n roll diary, if you ask me. It's Fun To Do Bad Things is out now, look for them on tour.


Ariana Delawari just finished her record called Lions of Panjshir on Manimal Vinyl and have been getting some major endorsement and help from Flavorpill and legendary film director David Lynch.

I don't have the album, save the two songs that was sampled to me, but I can tell that it's very much folky and has some world music elements.

Ariana writes great songs - they are filled with feelings and thoughts from her life - her life in Hollywood and life in Afghanistan where her roots are - ancient and modern flow together here. This mixture of cultures and her melodies and lyrics conjure a great unique feeling in people - people are surprised and emotionally moved by this music. Ariana's got something tossing about and she does it real well-- it's a beautiful album she's made.

- David Lynch

You can find out even more information on Delawari and Lynch on (David Lynch Foundation Television).

Los Angeles' Wounded Lion just released their self-titled debut album on In The Red Records on April 27th, and already out at SXSW to showcase their stuff.

The song I was sent to check out is "Creatures in the Cave", via, and based on the one song, I think they sort of have that Pavement-feel to them... complete with amateurish singing. But who cares, they're having fun!

Not much I can say about one song, so here's the rest of their tour dates:

    03/19 -Austin,TX SXSW In The Red Showcase
    03/20 -Austin,TX SXSW Trailer Space Records
    03/26 - Los Angeles, CA The Smell
    04/13 - Los Angeles, CA Echo Curio
    05/20 - 5 Stars Bar Los Angeles, CA
    06/03 - the SMELL Los Angeles, CA

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